Current Exhibit

Contemporary Prague artist Jan Kaláb is known internationally for his innovative 3-D graffiti. Born in Czechoslovakia in 1978 at a time when graffiti was a form of protest in Eastern Europe, he made a name for himself in the 1990s as the country was opening itself up to Western influences. Kaláb later became known across Europe as “Cakes” and took his art to New York in 2000, making an impression while painting train cars alongside other well-known graffiti artists. Since 2007 Kaláb has experimented with abstractions on canvas, earning him solo exhibitions in Argentina, Germany, Paris, London, New York, and Miami. The Polasek Museum exhibit will include sculptures, 3-D canvases, select new works, and an original installation.

“Kaláb’s style is diametrically opposite to the classic sculptures and painting styles of museum founder Albin Polasek. This exhibit demonstrates just how far art has evolved in the Czech Republic from Polasek’s time in the early 20th century to the present day. We are pleased to host Mr. Kaláb and explore a fresh new voice from the Czech Republic,” said Polasek Museum Curator Rachel Frisby.

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