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December 6, 2016 – April 16, 2017

Contemporary Visions of Frantz Zéphirin: Haitian Mystic

Zephirin is one of the leading contemporary artists working in Haiti today. A self-taught artist born in Cap Haitien, he has been described as a visionary, surrealist, and visual satirist. Zephirin’s visually stunning paintings laden with Caribbean pattern and vivid color feature diverse subject matter on history, politics, the environment, religion, and Haitian Creole culture. After experiencing the catastrophic earthquake in Haiti in 2010, Zephirin recorded his visions of a violently transformed world. His painting “The Resurrection of the Dead” was chosen for the cover of The New Yorker Magazine following the earthquake. Zephirin’s art has been featured in galleries, museums, and publications around the world.

Associated programming includes a Haitian Mardi Gras event on February 26, 2017. This family-friendly open house will be free for visitors to explore the Mardi Gras traditions of the Haitian Creole culture through lectures, hands-on art activities, food, and music. Observing Mardi Gras before Lent is central to the Haitian tradition shared by Zephirin. This event explores where Christianity, Vodou, and the Haitian Mardi Gras celebration overlap in a cultural intersection that embraces the growing local Haitian community.

A presentation on Haitian Culture through the Lens of Art History will be held on Mar. 14, 2017 at 7 p.m. In conjunction with the Zephirin exhibit, this lecture will explore Haitian culture with Rachel Walton, Digital Archivist from Rollins College. Walton wrote her master’s thesis on Haiti in the 18th century and will provide an art history backdrop to describe the progression of modern Haitian art trends. The lecture will be held in the historic Capen House with a guided gallery walk-through of the Zephirin exhibit.

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