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September 19, 2017 – December 3, 2017

Captured in Paint: Central Florida in Art

The works on display come from the private collection of Hal Stringer and Kevin Miller, local art collectors and plein air advocates. This exhibit
explores a collection of contemporary landscapes illustrating the Central Florida we love—one filled with
light, atmosphere, dramatic weather, and a myriad of lush ecosystems from palmetto scrub to sandy
beaches – depicted by various plein air artists.

Plein air comes from the French word meaning “open air” and is the painting style that the artists
featured in the collection embrace. These stunning canvases become more impressive when the viewer
considers the challenging factors for the artist who chooses to paint in the field, with shifting natural
light and a range of temperatures and weather conditions. Captured in Paint: Central Florida in Art also
nobly illustrates and helps to preserve some of Central Florida’s most beloved natural landscapes.

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“Tropical Light 2”, Tom Sadler

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