Cynthia Holmes: Sweet Surrealism

May 4, 2021 to August 22, 2021

Step into a fantastic world of color, whimsy, and delightful oddities as we explore the works of Cynthia Holmes. Visitors will view representational forms coupled with stories that unite reality with the imagination. Discover the surreal possibilities of otherworldly landscapes, animals, weather, people, mountains, and rivers are intertwined with the stories of everyday. Although working out of her Florida based studio presently, Holmes has a wide exhibition and solo show history in Texas and was educated at Texas A&M University with her Bachelor of Fine Art and attended Texas Tech University in Lubbock, Texas.

A Classical Conversation: Jack Hill and Edson Campos

August 31, 2021 to December 5, 2021

Classical form and beauty come to life with this dual perspective exhibition showcasing the Florida-based talents of Jack Hill and Edson Campos. This modern and sometimes surrealist take on the human body executed in a graceful and hyper realistic manner, allude to the classical inspirations of each artist, respectively.

Impressions of Life: Joza Uprka

December 14, 2021 to April 10, 2022

Introducing the exuberant art of Joža Uprka (1861-1940). Visitors will be swept up into the charming rural scenes in which he documented the vanishing customs and costumes of the Czech and Slovak people at the turn of the 19th Century.

This heritage is shared with our Museum founder, Albin Polasek, who, like Uprka, was also from the Moravian region, in what is now the Czech Republic. Fall in love with this vibrant colorist story, the details of the ethnic embroideries, the pageantry of holidays, and sincerity in which Joža Uprka recorded and depicted the everyday culture of his people. Part ethnographer, part Impressionist Master and Modernist painter, Uprka’s prolific body of work has been displayed internationally earning him recognition as one the finest painters of his time, and a star of the Czech Republic. He was close friends with elite artists of the period including Alfons Mucha and is a contemporary and fellow countryman of Albin Polasek. His oeuvre includes watercolors, oils, posters, etchings, and drawings, come from the George T. Drost collection of Chicago, IL. We invite you to bask in the glorious hues and brushstrokes of a master artist while learning about an interesting and festive culture.