Sculpture Gardens

The Polasek is a living museum, with outdoor gardens dating to 1949. The three-acre garden is a pastoral oasis within the City of Winter Park.

The sculpture garden at the Albin Polasek Museum is home to many beautiful native Florida and subtropical species.

The Polasek Museum is unique because the gardens are as much a part of the Polasek story as the historic home and studio, as there are the same views that inspired the artist. Many of the sculptures were created here by Polasek after he survived a debilitating stroke which left him paralyzed on the left side f his body. Yet he continued to paint, draw, sculpt clay, and with assistance, carve stone. These gardens are not only beautiful to behold but part of Polasek’s inspirational legacy.

Polasek did not have any descendants of his own but thought of his sculptures as “his children.” By preserving these historic grounds, we are able to share Polasek’s “family” with you today.

We hope you will discover that this garden is a very special place where art and nature harmonize and sculpture speaks. Wander, explore, listen to their stories, and enjoy!

“True art stimulates beautiful thoughts, and one cannot occupy their mind with beautiful thoughts and not be the better for it.”