The Emily Fountain Restoration Initiative

We need your support to preserve an iconic piece of our museum’s history and keep the music playing at the Polasek. “Emily,” one of Albin Polasek’s most unusual and beloved sculptures, has graced our entry courtyard for years, enchanting visitors with her flowing water harp. This sculpture symbolizes the happiness shared through music by Albin and Emily Polasek, and it’s a testament to their enduring love.

Emily’s original patina gives her that aged and textured look we all love. Over time the fountain has developed a build-up of hard water deposits, a natural process that occurs because of the constant flow of water. The sculpture receives regular maintenance to prevent deterioration. However, it’s now time for a more comprehensive restoration to ensure Emily continues to delight visitors for years to come.

This summer, we are embarking on a much-needed restoration of the Emily Fountain. The sculpture will be carefully removed from the courtyard and taken to a foundry where the old patina will be gently removed. A new protective color patina and coating will then be applied to restore Emily to her original glory. This process is essential to protect her from the elements and ensure that she remains a vibrant part of our museum.

Join us in preserving Emily and keeping music alive at the Polasek Museum! Your donation will make a significant impact! Together, we can ensure that Emily’s music continues to resonate through our garden and inspire visitors for generations. Donate today to make a difference!

Sower Statue - Polasek Muse and Gardens

Curator's Spotlight

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Eternal Moment

Concrete, original 1909, this casting 1954 (2006.001.69)

Sower Statue - Polasek Muse and Gardens

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Spirit of Music

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