Sculpture on the Move

We believe that seeing art in person creates a direct and enhanced experience for students but also understand that it is not always possible to bring your class to us. This is why we have come up with our Sculpture on the Move program.

Our curator, Rachel Frisby, is an experienced art educator and will come to YOUR classroom to immerse your students into the world of classical sculpture with our innovated program. Your students will learn who local art legend Albin Polasek was and why is home is important and different from most. Examples of his artwork will be shared, along with age appropriate discussions of art history concepts and casting techniques. Each lesson is customizable and lasts 30-45 depending on grade level and time constraints and cost only $75 per class.

Additional hands on activities are available for you to add to your experience:

Castings – $5/student – Recommended for Grades 4-12

This is the suggested activity to compliment our Sculpture on the Move program as students will push molds and learn how sculptures are made using the lost-wax casting method. Ancient cultures utilized the lost-wax casting process for thousands of years, as early as 4500-3500 B.C.E. Each student will get to make a clay casting of an anatomical human figure, male or female. They can continue to refine their art the next day, as we will be using airdry clay and will cure within a few days. We suggest using our Florida Standards lesson plan called “Sculpture Stories,” to decorate and design their figures. The post-activity associated with the lesson plan is “Redesigning a Deity” and would be an excellent way to elaborate on their castings.

Bas Reliefs – $5/student – Recommended for Grades 2-12

This two-part activity is a lot of fun, as it has an edible component. Our educator will bring examples of Albin Polasek’s bas-reliefs to discuss with students (through a PPT slideshow and/or sculpture examples). After learning about positive and negative space, students will try their hand at the carving or reduction process. As this is the opposite technique that most have attempted using negative space, we will begin by carving Oreo cookies in the style of cameo jewelry. After practicing on the cookies, students will be given a clay slab tile to create their own design or portrait, depending on age and skill level. This project uses airdry clay that will cure within a few days and can be painted or decorated during a future class.

Impressions – $5/student- Recommended for Grades K-3

Using airdry clay, students will experiment with texture to create a bas-relief medallion. More advanced level students can use precision sculpture tools to create miniature scenes on their 3-D canvas. This approach allows students to explore using positive and negative spaces. Lower level students will be encouraged to use “found objects” in the classroom or from a collection of objects with varied textures supplied by the educator. Students will press various objects and tools into their clay medallions to experiment with texture. Once the airdry clay hardens, students will have a wearable piece of art.

Tinfoil Figures – $1/student – All ages

Get your students thinking about form and proportion with this activity. Each student will choose a “natural pose” to shape their figure using scissors and tinfoil. Students may participate by acting as each other’s gesture models. This is all about seeing the overall shape of a figure and creating a quick 3-D sketch. Once completed, teachers may choose to continue with step-two, Shadow Drawing immediately or for a later lesson. Take the completed sculptures outside and sketch the tinfoil figure’s changing shadows on their board bases or a separate piece of paper for an additional plein air (outdoor) activity.

For more information please fill out the request form below, email or call 407-636-9167. Please provide us with at least two weeks of lead time and allow 1-3 business days for confirmation.

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